Tea Time with Destiny

Tea Time with Destiny Launches its First Session in Celebration of Women’s History Month!

The Maynard 4 Foundation is excited to announce the launch of “Tea Time with Destiny” hosted by the 2nd Vice President and youngest member of the foundation, Destiny Maynard! This is a completely virtual program, which eliminates any geographical boundaries. This program is designed for girls nationwide ages 8-12 to come together and discover the contributions of Black women to society. Often times this information is either excluded from curriculums or limited to highlighting the usual pre-approved individuals during Black History Month. Even though Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth are some of our most revered ancestors, we do not want to trivialize our history by willfully neglecting to explore and expose the contributions of our many dynamic Black women. Therefore, we must embrace this important aspect of American History and share it with our young minds so they can appreciate and educate. In doing so, the names and deeds of our foremothers will never be forgotten!

The first installment of this program was held on March 7, 2021, in honor of Women’s History Month and will take place every March thereafter with a different Black woman as the featured topic of discussion. During our first installment of the program, we discussed the following four women: Charlotte E. Ray, Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Alice Ball, and Mamie Phipps Clark. We asked that young girls come with one fun fact about the featured topic of discussion and their favorite teacup, which can be a toy if little girls are feeling especially fancy!

Lastly, this program is absolutely free! However, donations are greatly appreciated and will go directly towards our Education Area of Focus. Donations may be made directly through the website.

2022 Tea Time with Destiny

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