Boys Leadership Institute:

Dare on to Be Your Best 


On June 19, 2021 (Juneteenth), The Maynard 4 Foundation celebrated its One Year Anniversary by Hosting its Inaugural Boys Leadership Institute in Partnership with Lampro Asteri Youth Development and The Gap Project!

Twenty-three young men between the ages of 13 and 16 ventured to the Gulf State Park’s state-of-the-art Learning Campus in Gulf Shores, Alabama where they participated in the Boys Leadership Institute (BLI): Dare on to Be Your Best program. The concept, design and intended outcome of BLI is to cultivate an aptitude in areas concerning financial literacy and budgeting, emotional intelligence, time management, motivation, self-worth, public speaking, and more. BLI utilizes the combined knowledge and experience of guest speakers, the mentorship of adult leaders and interactive activities designed to enrich, enlighten, and inspire young men to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Lampro Asteri (Shining Star) Youth Development is a non-profit organization designed to teach young boys life lessons, such as citizenship, economics, and healthy emotional management. Founded by Fairhope city councilman Corey Martin and his wife Monetia, the program has touched the lives of over 100 Baldwin County young men.

The GAP (Giving Access to the People) Project is a non -profit organization founded by Randy Bumpers with the mission of encouraging students to align their actions today with their goals for tomorrow. The project reaches hundreds of students in the state of Alabama with its co-curricular program focusing on financial literacy, personal wellness, personal leadership, and career exploration.

These three organizations came together to provide a great service to our community on Juneteenth, which is now a federally recognized holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. “I couldn’t be more delighted to host such a remarkable program,” expressed Maynard 4 Foundation founder Suntrease Williams-Maynard. “We could not have done this without the dedication and commitment of our two phenomenal partners. I’m also extremely grateful to all our sponsors for investing in this program. We look forward to continuing this combined effort in the years to come.”

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Thank You to Our 2021 Partners

We are thankful to the hard work and dedication of the leadership of Asteri Lampro Youth Development and The Gap Project for their dedication and commitment to making this program a success. We are excited about working together to bring this program to the community in the years to come.

Lampro Asteri - 2021 Boys Leadership Institute Dare on to be your best - The Maynard 4 Foundation
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Thank You to Our 2021 Sponsors

Lampro Asteri - 2021 Boys Leadership Institute Dare on to be your best - The Maynard 4 Foundation
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2021 Boys Leadership Institute:

Dare On to Be Your Best