Got AIR Logo - The Maynard 4 Foundation

The Maynard 4 Foundation also announces its first official “GOT A.I.R.?” campaign to help generate revenue towards its Social Justice focus area. This campaign is a double entendre.

First, it is in response to the death of George Floyd and Eric Garner whose final words were, “I can’t breathe.”

Second, it serves as a symbolic representation of the compressing asphyxia that African Americans feel in various settings while doing otherwise normal activities (i.e., shopping, working, driving, jogging, etc.).

The fear of falling within an inaccurate stereotype or being unjustly criminalized due to biases is not only real but a consistent “knee” on the necks of African Americans – giving them the feeling that they can’t breathe. Therefore, this campaign is designed to encourage everyone to take a more inclusive approach and celebrate diversity. It is also an invitation to encourage positive dialogue regarding our respective differences to dispel negative and inaccurate stereotypes. Purchase your “GOT A.I.R.?” merchandise today!

Corporations show your support by demonstrating your organization’s commitment to Accountability, Integrity, and Respect.