Miss Juneteenth

The Maynard 4 Foundation to Premiere its Miss Juneteenth Program in 2022!

DAPHNE, Ala.  –  The Maynard 4 Foundation is proud to announce its inaugural Miss Juneteenth programs, which is a unique pageantry experience for young ladies nationwide between the ages 13 and 18! For so long, Black/African American women have been forced to conform to other cultures resulting in the loss of their own historical and cultural identities. As such, this pageant experience aims to not only showcase the inherent beauty of these women but also minimize the stereotypes; develop a sense of self-confidence and pride; and deepen the understanding of African and Black/African American history and culture.

The Miss Juneteenth programs, which has been trademarked, is sectioned into the following competitions:

  • Junior Miss Juneteenth (ages 13-15); and
  • Teen Miss Juneteenth (ages 16-18).

Both age groups will compete in the following categories:

  1. BeYoutiful: Must wear attire that allows your “Light to Shine” and reflect courage, strength, and dignity.
  2. Talent: Must respectfully pay tribute to Black/African American culture.
  3. Future Career: Must wear attire that represents your future self and career aspiration.
  4. Formal Wear: Must wear traditional African formal clothing, for “Black Excellence,” at its core, is of African origin.
  5. Oratorical: Must be prepared to comprehensively answer—with clarity, eloquence, and focus—the following question, “What does Juneteenth mean to me?”
  6. Composition: Must compose an essay which must include a professional headshot, highlight a black female historical figure, and highlight personal accomplishments.
  7. Business Marketing: Participants must sell a minimum of one table to the Miss Juneteenth Pageant. The top three sellers will be given additional points toward their overall score.

The crowned Junior Miss Juneteenth and Teen Miss Juneteenth will also be obligated to commit to 6 months and 12 months of volunteer services, respectively, to The Maynard 4 Foundation.

Although honoring African and Black/African American culture is the ultimate goal, The Maynard 4 Foundation’s particular objective is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Seldom is the African and Black/African   American culture discussed in-depth through traditional avenues of the American educational system. Therefore, The Maynard 4 Foundation will celebrate and educate in a wide-ranging colorful exhibition of beauty and vibrant splendor!

The first pageant will premiere on June 19, 2022! For more information or to obtain an application, please send an email to